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i-Heat services only fit the leading brands of modern boilers, such as Vaillant,Worcester bosch, Gloworm and potterton as boiler replacements as it is one of our key services, we can offer our boiler replacement service at keen, value-for-money prices.

Why upgrade to a modern condensing boiler or combi-boiler?
Replacing an old or faulty boiler reduces your carbon footprint, gives you a more efficient central heating system and most importantly - can save you hundreds of pounds a year!

How do high efficiency boilers save you money on your heating bills?
The lifespan for a central heating boiler is normally around 10 to 15 years. The Energy Saving Trust suggests that your boiler should be changed every 15 years on efficiency grounds alone. By getting rid of your old boiler and replacing it with a new high efficiency boiler, you will save money on your heating bills. New, high efficiency boiler models are smaller and neater than older boilers and also have new technology which has improved the boilers performance. This makes a big difference on fuel efficiency and water flow rates.

i-Heat services follow the legislation and regulations of the Part L Building Regulations, which has conditions that must be adhered to when installing or replacing a boiler.

Condensing boiler models are the most efficient boilers around today. They are more efficient as they use two heat exchanges compared to older conventional boilers which only use one. The second heat exchanger in the condensing boilers captures the heat in the flue gases. The condensing boiler then re-uses the flue gas energy to increase the boiler efficiency by up to 15%.

Power Flushing unit
Power Flushing unit
Power Flushing unit
Power Flushing unit
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